Some Misty Truth About Tears

All human beings cry. From the womb to the tom, tears have become a part of people’s lives. Babies cry for a variety of reasons.

Tears as protection.

Tears are an expression or result of an intense emotion. But they are also an important part of the human body’s protective mechanism. Tears are small drops of fluid secreted by the two lachrymal glands located behind each of a person’s eyelids. These glands squeeze out their salty solution through small ducts in the underside of the eyelid. Each time the eyelid blinks, it sucks a little fluid from the glands. This fluid then bathes the cornea, the transparent front part of the eyeball’s outer coat. Without the moisture provided by these fluids, the eye ball would rub so painfully on the inside lining of the eyelid.

Tears as expression.

Tears promote the health of our eyes. But their release also helps develop out emotional and social well being. Children normally cry when afraid or hurt. But according to pediatrician, it has been a tradition among many families to make boys ashamed of showing pain or fear. Since crying is considered unmanly, boys tend to repress and deny all kinds of feelings, including tenderness. This impedes their ability to establish a wholesome relationship with family members, friends, and fellow workers.

Tearful trivia

The shortest verse in the New Testament is  John 11:35 –  “Jesus wept.”

A crybaby is one who cries readily or one who complains too much when he loses.

Lachrymose is an adjective that means tearful, causing tears or mourning.


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